Refunds, Returns and Cancellation Policy

Refunds, Returns and Cancellation Policy
Once you place a bet on Golflutter via our mobile app, the bet stands and there are no refunds, returns or cancellations allowed.
Specifically, there are NO REFUNDS, RETURNS or CANCELLATIONS under any of the following circumstances:

  • Illness, incapacity or death during play
  • Failure to complete the round of golf for any reason
  • Bad weather closing the course after a bet is placed
  • Technical failure, or loss, of your phone, either temporary or permanent

If in the opinion of a player a declared result by Golflutter is incorrect, the player should email details of the apparent error to and we will investigate. If the error is accepted and agreed, Golflutter will reinstate the player’s Cash Wallet with the stake placed and, if applicable, any winnings that may be due from the prize pool.