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Deposit Terms & Conditions

When placing bets via Golflutter you are participating in a ‘pool bet’ service. After deducting our operating margin plus merchant account/payment gateway costs, the balance available becomes the ‘ net pool’ available for distribution to winners, which is then divided equally between all winners in each separate pool bet, each day. The amount in each ‘net pool’ will vary in every Golflutter market, every day. As such, Golflutter cannot predict accurately nor guarantee the amount available for distribution to winners on any day or in any betting pool. Estimates of payouts given by Golflutter are provided in ‘good faith’ but should be treated with caution and used as a guide only by players. We reserve the right to amend our operating margin and to recover variable costs incurred via our merchant account/payment gateway before calculating the ‘net pool’ available to players in all markets. This margin and costs will always be notified here to players and currently stands at 17% operating margin, plus 3.9% merchant account fees + £0.20p per transaction for payment gateway fees.” Typically, in all ‘net pools’, this fee arrangement equates to c75% of all betting funds placed into any of Golflutter bet markets being available for distribution to winners

(Disclosure To Customers)
When opening an account with us please be aware:


Your Cash Wallet Account is not a bank account and is therefore not insured, guaranteed, or otherwise protected by any deposit or banking insurance system. Any monies deposited with us in Your Cash Wallet Account shall not attract any interest. Monies deposited with us are held under a normal bank account and/or client account in the name of Golflutter Ltd, which holds the monies in the account on trust for you and other persons entitled. As such, in the event of our insolvency, you would be entitled to claim any monies held on trust for you in such an account.

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