We are as passionate as you are about playing the wonderful, frustrating, challenging, mind blowing game that is golf. Was there ever a game invented that demanded so much from the individual? The game has it all and we just wanted to find a way to give golf that little bit extra, to bring a bit of added spice and fun to our brilliant game.

Having a friendly flutter on a game of golf is the DNA of many amateur players. Whether it’s a few ££’s on the 18, loser buys the beers, or a group of golfers all playing for a shared pool, so we just wanted to bring to those golfers who enjoy a friendly flutter a wider and bigger opportunity to have a bet whenever they wanted to.

Now, with Golflutter on your smartphone, there is no need to ask other golfers to have a few ££’s on the game, you can do your own thing, whenever you choose, wherever you choose. How cool is that?

Better yet, you do not even have to be a golf club member to enjoy the fun Golflutter brings. Just play on any UK course, have a £5 flutter, enter your gross score and Golflutter will generate a handicap for you up to a maximum of 20. Cool or what? There are 2.6 million nomadic golfers in the UK not members of a golf club and now we have made their golfing life better than ever.

We have created 6 great golf games to choose from, all with their own appeal and interest. There is excitement too in all 6 markets because we use ‘Hidden Holes’ so you have no idea which holes you are playing against. It’s great fun to hit that Reveal Bet button on the app at the end to see if you are a winner and about to share in the
pool of money staked on that day, on that market.

We hope you will really enjoy Golflutter and tell your friends about what great fun it is. Go Play Golf!

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